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Florence - Opificio delle Pietre Dure

esempio intaglioFounded by the Archduke Ferdinand in 1558, one of the first engagements was that one to decorate the "Chapel of the Princes" behind Saint Lorenzo. Indeed enter into the Medici Chapels leaves a little 'heads, Every millimeter of the chapel is decorated with inlays that draw badges, decorations, embellishments and structure of the chapel. It 'a thing to see how the Opificio, its work and its restoration. Too bad that in both places there is a ridiculous time for the visit.


'Especially famous and appreciated was' committed-Florentine', whose implementation could take more than a year of patient work. The 'committed-Florentine', born at the end of the sixteenth century, is a 'framework of stone' which is aligned a pictorial model. It is formed by an astonishing combination of various sections irregular stone which are applied on a basis, usually blackboard, which remains invisible. A work completed commettiture are almost unrecognizable. The sections were cut stone quickly and accurately by special machines. They were represented very different subject: lively compositions of flowers and fruit, colourful birds and nature themes, landscapes and architectural views, Portraits and biblical stories. Works were carried out not only for residences Luxembourg, but also for the most prominent families of Europe, so that artistic production dell'Opificio is now scattered worldwide. '

"Particularly famous and appreciated he was the" store clerk fiorentino ", whose realization could demand more also than a year than patient job. The store clerk fiorentino, been born to the end of the 1500's, is a "stone picture" that traces a pittorico model. Narcotic is formed from one combination of several irregular lapidee sections that come applied on a base, in blackboard kind, than then he remains invisibile. To completed job the commettiture nearly turn out imperceptible. The lapidee sections came cut with rapidity and precision from particular blots some. They were represents subject much several one to you: it lives compositions to us of flowers and it yields, birds variopinti and naturalistic topics, architectonic views and landscapes, ritratti and Biblical history. They not only came realized works for the granducali residences, but also for the more important families of Europe, a lot that the artistic production of the Factory today is scattered all over the world."

Firenze,  Via degli Alfani 78

Opening: From Mon till Sat. : 8.15-14.00; Thu 8.15-19.00. Open the 2nd sunday of each month

Firenze,  Via degli Alfani 78

Closing: sundays and holiday days


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