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For everyone's safety against covid-19


What we have provided.

  • The ministry of health dated 7-May-2020 denies that the use of ozone is effective against covid-19. The Istituto di Sanità confirms that there is no clear evidence of covid-19 inactivation. Page 9 - Treatment with ozone. "In real conditions, the natural decay time required to make the premises accessible is at least 2 hours. If possible, it is preferable to carry out the treatments at night so that when work resumes, the amount of environmental ozone is within the limits of health security. " In addition, ozone is classified as: "substance that can cause or aggravate a fire; lethal if inhaled, causes severe skin burns and serious eye injuries, causes damage to organs in case of prolonged or repeated exposure through inhalation, very toxic to the aquatic environment with long lasting effects. Some notifiers identify ozone as a suspected mutagen ". finally: "while being able to act quickly on viruses, and even if there are special cabinets or boxes or other containers on the market to carry out the treatment, its use should be carefully evaluated since its oxidizing power could alter the colors of the garments and exposure times would be a very critical factor to check " (Page 23). Once the risk has been assessed, we prefer not to use this sanitizing product which is still doubtful and highly risky.
  • We implement all the disinfectant procedures for all surfaces with products based on sodium hypochlorite at different concentrations for floors or furnishings or still, with detergent-based disinfectants alcohol exceeding 75% vol ..
  • For your safety. All services, advertising material (brochures, maps and anything else you may need), have been printed on a sheet named "digital travel" and marked each individual topic / document with QR code. You don't have to touch anything. Just make your cell., read the QR code corresponding to the desired topic (WIFI password included). Digital travels are everywhere. For your best reception, that your rights / duties, are shown here.
  • If possible before leaving the room / apartment, open the windows. This will allow you to air the environment.
  • Everything you throw away must be stored correctly in the waste bin in the room / apartment.
  • Keep the surfaces (to be disinfected), as tidy as possible. Everything will be quick and effective.
  • We have large open spaces, including restaurant tables, we live in one of the most beautiful valleys of the Chianti Fiorentino, there are routes to be booked online and in logo. You will have no problem experiencing Chianti in safety and in the best possible way.
  • Neither mosquitoes, flies, ticks or other insects TRANSMIT Covid-19 (paragraph 31). For further questions and answers: http://www.salute.gov.it. For your pleasure as chianti is full of mosquitoes, bring the most appropriate repellent with you. On site, please read this article. The tiger mosquito.

Have a good stay and for any need, do not hesitate to contact us.

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Casprini da Omero

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Tuscany Italy
Typical Chianti restaurant. Run by Casprini's since 1913
Open: Mon.-Sun. 09:00-21:30
Closed Wednesday
Currency accepted: Euro
Payments: Cash, credit card.


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