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Who We Are - Welcome

Casprini Family and firendsOur Family has a long tradition, dating back to more than 150 years ago, in trading agricultural products. From Left-Side: Anna, Alessandra, Lando Casprini and Lynn Catalina. Pic gently token and gave us, from Ben Catalina. expecially wine and oil.

 Since 1913 we have dealt mainly wih the "trattoria", which has graually developed into the present Restaurant - Residence - B&B set in Chianti countryside.

Our aim and ambition is to serve dishes that we have personally taken the pleasure of choosing, cooking and tasting.To us "quality" means the taste and flavour of genuine food, fart away from the aseptic preparations you can find in many stores. For example, taking a fresh "eggplant", slicing it and dressing it with first quality tuscan oil is not the same as warming up an already grilled eggplant with all its preservatives.

That's why at Casprini "Da Omero" you won't find powdered eggs, surrogates, readymade or gm food. The only frozen products we use when they are out of season are the "porcini" mushrooms and chopped vegetables for soups.Ours first dishes are all cooked "expresso" and made of fresh or dry locally handmade pasta; all meats to be grilled or fried copme from animals bread in italy , fed with no anumal flour or food supplements. Besides we have never served a course without having tasted and apreciated it firsthand. To put it in a nutshell, what makes the difference is quality, the flavour and taste of our seasonal cooking.

At Casprini's you can come for an information meal, to discuss how to improve a recipe or match a wine to do it, or just for the pleasure of sitting at the table. At Casprini "Da Omero" you can also find convenient prices both for the hotel rooms and the restaurant. We hope that after so many years of experience, you would continue to apreciate our efforts.



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