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Monteriggioni the public squareMonteriggioni: The Monteriggioni Fortress started to be built in 1213 and the works lasted for 6 years. There have been many fights for the possession of the village between Siena and Florence like those in 1244, 1254, 1269 (battle of Colle), till the defeated sheltered inside the walls. In 1380, the Monteriggioni inhabitants and defenders became officially citizens of Siena. In 1383 a group of siennese exiles took the fortress but for short since they surrendered to Florentines soon after. In 1526 Florence besieged Monteriggioni by bombing the walls, but the villagers resisted till the Camollia battle of 23/07 when Siena definitely won the Florentine (Pope supporters). On the 27/04/1554 the betrayer captain Zeti gave Monteriggioni to the Marquise of Merigliano, destroying the defensive system of the Republic of Siena and causing its end. The Fortress became finally a Medici family property.

Monteriggioni ingresso - entrance

Between 1244 and 1254 Florence and Siena fought for possession of the fortress after its construction.

In 1269, after the battle of Colle (mentioned by Dante in the thirteenth hand in Purgatory), Siena defeated fled to Monteriggioni.

After the plague of 1348 - 1349 indicated the presence of numerous criminals, Siena decided to make you permanently reside in a captain and infantry.

In 1380, as it can be read in the statutes and the common people of Monteriggioni, the inhabitants of Monteriggioni were considered 'Citizens of Sienà.

view of MonteriggioniIn 1383 a group of exiles Siena occupy the castle by deception, but they surrender shortly after.

Between 1400 and 1500 were lowered the walls to accommodate the needs of the artillery. It therefore made unnecessary the use of carbonaie.

In 1526 the Florentine Monteriggioni besieged with 2000 infantry and 500 riders, bombarding the walls with artillery without obtaining the surrender. The Florentines fled after losing the struggle Camullìa of July 25 of that year..

Monteriggioni, the churchMonteriggioni was later transferred by the Medici family to the Goliath of Siena, which in turn gave it to Batta. It was then included in the duchy of Gian Galeazzo Visconti, then coming to Fabbroni under Daddi in 1704 and the Accarigi, which passed the Griccioli life to the family, which still keeps possessions in the castle in the surrounding countryside

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