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Tavarnelle Val di Pesa

Tavarnelle V.P.: offers a beautiful wave of various landscapes, from natural beauties, like woods and cultivated Parish of Bossolo fields that have been greatly worked for centuries as vineyards and olive trees, to historical villas and old farms, old chapels and rural churches, castles and medieval hamlets. Worth visiting: the church of St Lucia alBorghetto with XIV-XV Century frescos; the very old chapel of S.Pietro in Bossolo with Holy Art Museum; the Monastery and the church of S. Maria al Morrocco (XIII Century); the fortified village of St. Donato in Poggio of XIIIth - XIV Century with the beautiful Romanesque chapel of early XII Century; the Sanctuary of St. Maria delle Grazie a Pietracupa (XVI Century); the Badia vallombrosana of Passignano, a fortified structure belonging to XIII Century, with important pieces of art like the fresco of Domenico Ghirlandaio “last supper ” and many other relevant pieces of art in the church of the XII Century. In all the territory harmonically live important eno-gastronomic traditions, wine, very good oil, food specialities, artistic handcraft all in a professional and welcoming centre.

* Church of Santa Lucia al Borghetto
The Franciscan convent portebbe be built after the passage of St. Francis of Assisi in 1220, although the first historical story dates back to 1260.

Parish of San Donato* Church of Madonna della Neve
Gothic building with some of the century frescoes XIV and XV.

* Church of Saints Mary and Jacopo alla Sambuca

* Church of Santa Maria del Carmine al Morrocco
Risale al XV secolo sul luogo dove si trovava un'immagine lasciata da alcuni pellegrini.

* Sanctuary of Santa Maria delle Grazie a Pietracupa
Parish of San DonatoFounded in 1596 and built around the existing tabernacle with the effigy of Our Lady by Paul Schiavo.

* Parish of San Pietro in Bossolo
Built in 990 is Romanesque structure and contains works Roman, Byzantine and school fiornentia. The name comes from the words' In puxula 'Latin, meaning given by the Romans to the imperial coffers. The place was certainly inhabited in the V century witnessed renewed membership of '800 and was dated to 424

* Chapel of San Giovanni Gualberto

Passignano Abbey * Abbey of Passignano.
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