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Badia Fiorentina

Badia fiorentina, vista dall'alto
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Autore: Paul VanDerWerf Licenza: CC BY 2.0


Florentine abbey comes from 978 b.C. founded by Benedettini monks grateful even to Willa of Tuscany patron of many acts of supporting the evolution of the abbey. Willa was mother of Ugo of Tuscany become marquis. Ugo was even rememebered by Dante as "the great Baron" which gave really much money to the monks for the abbey. After him, popes and important personalities of the age, participated to patron the abbey giving money or just exclusive prerogatives (commercial).

The Benedettini monks where closed by the books: writing them, bind them, sell them. In fact behind books there is the control of the human knowledge! During 1285, Arnolfo di cambio changed the original church in a gothic abbey even changing the internal orientation.

The morning light had to penetrate inside at first. If you stand in Via (street) del Proconsolo, you can still see the walled up windows closed by Arnolfo.

During the centuries the abbey had more changes. The original truss-ceiling was covered by a panelled-ceiling in carved wood. The original circular bell tower was destroyed and rebuilt in a original hexagonal tower. During the 1300, the bell tower was cut at half by the Florentines to convince the monks to pay taxes over their works and business.

For a little time the abbey was even used by notaries like meeting room. In this curch Dante Alighieri knew Beatrix, his great love. Boccaccio here, was reading Dante's Divine Comedy.

During the renaissance, the "oranges cloister" was decorated by Bernardo Rossellino and Giovanni da Consalvo. During the '600. the altar was moved again and brought in direction of the Arno river. After all this changes, not much remains of the original floor. Some part came out during explorative excavation. Well, that floor is even older the baptistery !!!


A few dozen of years ago, was found inside the abbey a BIG vesting in red silk. In fact took some times to find out which it was the real use of that vesting. It could cover ALL the inner walls, the floor, the ceiling and the altar of the abbey! This vesting was kept closed in a closet for three centuries!!!

Badia fiorentina, campanile esagonale
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Autore: Carlo Raso Licenza: P. Domain

Badia fiorentina, il chiostro
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Autore: ho visto nina volare Licenza: CC BY-SA 2.0



Via del Proconsolo, 3, Florence, 50122

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