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Ceremonies: baptism, confirmation and more

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very Tuscan but you can build it with the stuffed olives, mozzarella in a carriage etc. etc. A sweet choice between tillefoglie, Bongo (profitterol), fruit cake Florentine (only jelly), and French (with custard), Traditional cake (cream, sponge etc, etc.), diplomat (millefeuille with insertion layer of sponge cake and double layer of cream and cream), skullcap, grandmother's cake, homemade jam tarts, marengo, tiramsu prepared cake and fruit ice cream, cream or chocolate (summer). Obviously if you have any special request, we are willing to listen and discuss.

Obviously this is just one example but there seems crazy enough to ask for a fixed price for a menu of a lower value. We take into account that enrich a menu too is now useless according to different points of view. A dinner with appetizer, main course and dessert is long. You cand spend most of the prophetic 20 minutes before digestion start (in between the starter and the last course). Most of the second will remain on the table. Secondly our portions are always abundant. Better talk about confirmations and communions. So easy to add just a 1/2 portion of a first dish and the lunch for a children is done. To give you an accurate quote, let us know how many and hw old they are.

If weather is good, there are 7,000 meters of garden available to run around the little children. There is the pool and at times it was possible to eat directly in the garden according to the May of the year. Also ensure that the children must be supervised by responsible adults. We do not add anything or secretly, nor explicit price for the use of the garden, but we would like to find him as we left and it was not always possible.

If you like, and included in the price for groups over 15 persons we also notes placeholder and themed menu included. Here one example runs on "angels theme" for a baptism.

Openining: 12:00-14:30 19:00-21:30 winter, 12:00-14:30 19:00-22:00 Summer (June, July, Aug.)

Restaurant is closed on Wednesday

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