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The wines, the cellar and tasting

The “history” of the wines of Chianti Region is well represented in our cellars. We may say that in our cellar there is the greater collection of chianti wines, since Baron Ricasoli created it, is stocked here. We boast the most ancient and complete collection of Chianti Classico, with selections ranging from 1931 to 1985-86 for a total amount of 32.000 bottles. After that, we should say, the Chianti wine has become “commercial” with bad imitations of Brunello di Montalcino or the French wines. In our opinion, this has meant the end of a tradition that dates from the Etruscans. The purpose of our activity, both for the Restaurant and the wine, is to keep alive the tradition and the products of our land, so that in our wine-list you will find, together with modern wines,
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the traditional “Chianti Classico” as it was conceived by Baron Ricasoli. The Chianti we offer is made of “ sangiovese” grape-vine (7/10th) which gives thewine body and colour, of black “canaiolo” (2/10th) for its flavour and softness, of “trebbiano” and “malvasia” grape-vine (up to 2/10th) to give the wine low acidity and lightness.

It is possible to taste the wines at table, which is less professional but can be more pleasant, matching the wines to the plates. At the end a "lesson" about the wines you cannot probably have from a sommelier. Culture comes from tradition, not from marketing.


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