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Italy and Chianti Things to Know

I state: no, it's denigration or whatever. It is simply a state of affairs that it is better to know before you go. On the other hand, if the criticism is constructive and if you know where you go you get a better service for what you pay for and there to be armed with the right equipment.

In odrder:

  1. Mosquito nets: to put the nets in Italy requires a permit. These change the facade of the buildings.To make sure you avoid the penalty and a hefty fine, you need to ask for permission. That's why despite the infestation of tiger mosquitoes present for several years in the area, difficult to find screens on the windows of private houses and public facilities. From what we know of no common area practice a coordinated fight for control of tiger mosquitoes. Every single attempt to do something locally and private space, and is therefore insufficient.
  2. Public transport connections from the countryside between Florence and suburban areas: these links are almost funded by the state. The bus ticket covers only a portion of the costs and probably (assumption lawful), which is why they also travel the races are notoriously low turnout with large bus. The bus links to the city from the countryside to the city center are intense in the morning and in the evening of working days for the return to the center for the campaign. There are therefore useful to go into town to avoid the traffic, but are useless for other purposes. There are links between the inland areas such as Chianti : Ex: Castellina - Radda - Greve - Tavernelle - Barberino VE. Even between Florence and Siena through the Chianti. It's therefore necessary to have a means of locomotion for their turn in the campaign: cars, scooters (can be hired on site, company Ramuzzi ) bicycle. With the appropriate means by the Pass of the Shepherds, because of your location, it is easy to reach every possible area of ​​interest in Tuscany within 1-1.5 hours. In the country, distances are often measured in time rather than miles . From here Duomo in Florence - there are about 23 km, to the first 17,300 heater it will take 15 minutes to do the others, you have to commend to God 's traffic, which always exists. Well, you know the gear is fairly easy to get around here, taking into account these recommendations. Therefore, it is necessary to have a means of locomotion to visit the area: car, scooter (rented on site, company Ramuzzi), bicycle. With the appropriate means of locomotion by the Pass of the Shepherds (because it's location), it is easy to reach every possible area of ​​interest in Tuscany within 1-1.5 hours. In the country, distances are often measured in time rather than km. From here Duomo in Florence-there are about 23 km. To drive the others, we must be advised about traffic by God, if he exists. Well, you know the gear is fairly easy to get around here, taking into account these recommendations.
  3. Fast Internet Connections: Most villages and inland areas of the Florentinecountryside, are not served by any kind of connection. Just a little time ago adsl arrived. 10 years later than city. Optical fiber should arrive in next ten I suppose and for the moment 20mb/s have to be enough. When it is sunshine.
  4. Information on the areas and things to see: since we are in Italy and the structural organization is only partisan and non-functional areas such as Chianti or Val d'Elsa are not recognized politically. There are, therefore, through word of mouth, some private papers and archives never updated to the present. If a state or a social-economic regione is not politically recognized, this doesn't exist. So, who runs the Chianti is the APT Florence and Siena which refer to the respective provinces. None of them is the spread of organized events and structures recognized then the printable posters such as those found in the events page or the home page, there are only due to our initiative. There is a tourist map drawn by me and then printed for the consortium to promote tourism chiantipromotion that encompasses all areas evenly. You can also download it or see it online on this site at the bus connetcion timetable page SITA. Until our press, the only injury was to chart the Chianti Chianti Classico Wine Consortium and its map and that obviously did not include the things to see and / or some description of the territory................................
  5. Information about overheating when these plants were designed was prescribed by "law" here that the temperature never falls below zero. Too bad if you do not care that the temperature of the law and that if you want to start an activity systems must be up to standard. Therefore, everything works just fine until you get close to freezing but when the temperature drops below this measure are just "sh--t." In short, there is little or warms us. It would be easy to add one or more elements to the radiators but the pipes are not sufficient to bring enough water to heat. We laid thermal insulation under the roof, most of the rooms and apartments have double glazing but it's how much. Greve in Chianti belongs to the current climatic zone "E".
  6. Information on limestone and drinking water. Bring the water to zero scale, means providing distilled water to the taps. Distilled water is considered to be NOT DRINKABLE WATER. We d do not want talk too much on the issues of reduction of limestone in drinking water, the health effects etc etc etc. Take the limestone in the taps and excuse sincerity, go to commit suicide somewhere else. Within two or three days the effect will be a risk of heart attack for lack of sodium / potassium. Non-potable water can not be served in public places to the patrons, by law. Before you complain about any of the taps in the filters blocked, remember this and the fact that we had removed them and then put them back that someone left a half-hour customer taps so relevant that it was included in the price. (links 1, 2).

I forgot something? I hope not! But I must add that from March next venture, you have to pay the city tax just for all of these services that you never had and probably will never receive. Before posting a comment on booking sites in general and on our own, given our daily "rages" with the individual governments that already make us wake up and fall asleep bad worse, and maybe turn directly to us that we will do everything to solve your any problems and if you have rightly been complaining about this state of things that cause problems in cascade, these are the mail to turn to and ask for an explanation / information or forward any complaints about the town of Greve on which we depend.

Segreteria del Sindaco: sindaco@comune.greve-in-chianti.fi.it
Ufficio Relazioni con il Pubblico: urp@comune.greve-in-chianti.fi.it
Polizia Municipale: polizia.municipale@comune.greve-in-chianti.fi.it

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