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Via Falcone, 68/70
50027 - Passo dei Pecorai (Fi)
Mob/Whap 3404536626
PI 03675100485 C.U.: M5UXCR1
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How to arrive

If you drive with GPS satellite (Global Position System), enter destination: PASSO DEI PECORAI. The building is an altimetric-geographical historical point. The GPS will take you to the entrance. Better not to use google map which is completely wrong here. It doesn't tell you the speed control stations while you drive and there are many. Strongly suggested waze.

From Florence Smn station

  • By SITA bus: Timetable
  • By car: Enter on the navigator: Porta romana, florence. Then again Passo dei Pecorai.

From aeroports Firenze or Pisa.

  • A1 Firenze N direction South.
  • Exit A1 Firenze Impruneta. Turn right to Siena.
  • Autopalio till exit Frorence American Cemetery and Memorial (SR1).
  • SR1 Cassia till FALCIANI.
  • From Falciani SP3 direction GREVE IN CHIANTI (sx).
  • Distance from A1 Firenze Impruneta to Passo dei Pecorai, Km 16,00. We are on your left side.

From Florence South.

  • A1 Firenze Sud direction south on SR 222 to Greve in Chianti.
  • In Strada in Chianti, take right to Ferrone.
  • In Ferrone take left to Greve in Chianti.
  • In Passo dei Pecorai we are on your left side.

From Figline val d'Arno.

  • In Figline val d'Arno (SR69), take left tor Greve in Chianti.
  • Than again take right to Greve in Chianti (SR16).
  • In Greve in Chianti (traffic light), take right to Firenze (SR222).
  • In Greti take left to Ferrone.
  • A Passo dei Pecorai we are on your right side.



This map is indicative only, the google instructions totally wrong. It doesn't depend on where we are but because the maps!

For a good use you can download the Chianti touristic Map (or bottom page, the front page image). I made it drawing each pixel. That's the first and real touristic map made for tourists. Simple, with graphic icons to find castles, curches (art), and monuments. A portion of the map with driwing directions, it's here. Ready to download, print and bring with you. If you want to use it on or site, please contact me. The unauthorized use, it is forbidden (commercial, copy portions, modify it).

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Casprini da Omero

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Tuscany Italy
Typical Chianti restaurant. Run by Casprini's since 1913
Open: Mon.-Sun. 09:00-21:30
Closed Wednesday
Currency accepted: Euro
Payments: Cash, credit card.


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