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Church of St Salvatore in Ognissanti

The church, begun in 1251 made part of the conventuale complex of Humiliates to you, an order been born in Lombardy in XII the century. It humiliates to you they were given over to the working of the wool, the acceptance of the pilgrims and had some problem with the Papacy for via of some been born heretical tendencies to the inside of the movement. They were scomunicati in the 1184 from I little conciliate of Verona and readmitted late, from Pope Innocenzo III that reorganized them in three orders: the clerics, monks and laitycs. In 1571 the order was finally deleted also because of a strange event. Mr Gerolamo Donato, called 'farina (flour)', the October 26, 1569 went into the night to the archdiocese hiding a archibugio (a old rifle), and surprising and St. Charles Borromeo in prayer in a chapel (see also "promised spouses" - Alessandro Manzonii ). The Farina exploded a shot that did not damage any but that was decisive for the abolition of the order.

In Florence, Umiliati, first settled outside the city as their costumes and for offering to host the pilgrims who facilitated a decentralised. It then settled at the church of Saint Lucia, and extended gradually their properties to include an oratory on the village (that is, on a road outside the old city walls), where they build their church an honorary Sanctorum Omnium and convent, the complex was carried out in 1260.

The area was particularly appropriate, because at the Port Carraia, where the Mugnone leaded into Arno, there was an island that formed a useful channel to get the hydraulic power for mills and gualchiere. To facilitate such exploitation, the Umiliati built the pescaia of Santa Rosa, along with an extensive system of channels. In short time, at the end of 1200, given the flourishing wealth of the district and traders through donations to that in a somehow it was because of their abundance, Umiliati were called to hold important public positions.

Around 1310 was placed on the altar the Majesty of Giotto, now at the Uffizi. In the sacristy are kept other works from the fourteenth century, as a Crucifixion to fresco by Taddeo Gaddi and a crucifix painted by a collaborator Giotto. Always at the fourteenth century was built the slender bell tower.

Morning: 9.30am - 12.30pm - Afternoon: 4.00pm - 7.30pm - Closed on Wednesday morning

Cenacolo di Ognissanti: Monday and Saturday: 9.00 am - 1.00 pm
Owned and managed by the state

Contacts: fra Francesco Baldini 338 6682224 055 2398700
ognissantifirenze@gmail.com - Twitter: @ofmognissanti

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