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Strozzi Palace

What can we say? Another building in competition for the most beautiful of the city and perhaps this is for real. Filippo Strozzi, banker in Naples after exile by the Medici in 1433, returned to the city thanks to the fortune accumulated in 1466 and wanted to build the 'most beautiful building in Florence'. To crown this dream bought the land needed to construct that for the mole, occupied the space of eight buildings already present. In order to crown this dream it bought necessary lands to the construction that for the size, it occupied the space very eight already present buildings.


The Sangallo built a wooden model of the palace but said that the project was Benedict da Maiano, at the architect preferred by Lorenzo de 'Medici said the Magnificent. The model is now the Bargello. For the construction sought even the favour of the stars and got a favorable prediction, began work in 1489. The unfortunate Prince Strozzi saw very few results, switching to better life in 1491 and leave to heirs testament to the task of ending the work. After Benedict da Maiano intervened Simone del Pollaiolo that led to crowning the facade and courtyard with the arcade remained in office until October 31, 1504. Baccio d'Agnolo, after various interruptions due to economic conditions the family, ended the work, in 1538. However, he left unfinished a cornice which is still not finished yet. There should be noted that the palace was a requirement by Cosimo I de 'Medici for a period of 30 years and then returned to heirs.



The addition of bench Street dates back to 1864 by Giuseppe Poggi and was connected to the courtyard through a ramp that was accessible by vehicles with wheels. The only new in this wonderful was its location. The square in front the building in the Renaissance was reserved for merchants of food that left regularly and daily abundant waste in front of the entrance.


In 1937 the building changed hands and go to INA. In 1999 he was transferred to the state and today is home to the Viesseux Cabinet and the National Institute of Studies on the Renaissance. Important place of shows and exhibitions the palace while a architectural pearl is managed like all state museums.


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