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St. Spirit Abbey - Florence

Basilica di Santo Spirito, Firenze

Saint Spirit is one of the main basilicas of the city of Florence, situated in omonima the public square in the quarter of Oltrarno. He came constructed on the rests of the ancient Agostiniano convent destroyed from a fire in 1471. After a long planning it was beginningsata from Filippo Brunelleschi in 1444, like basilica to three navate contiguous to the monastero, and was the last great work of the master. After its passing happened in 1446, the yard passed to the hands of three follows to us, Antonio Throttles, Giovanni from Gaiole and Knows you of Andrea, the last one of which realized also the cupola from 1479 to 1481, always on plan of the Brunelleschi.La basilica, in the external part not rispecchia but the idea of the master who previewed one first of all great facade to four doors in order to prevent the axial vision of the church just from the income. The embedded position of the same one in an angle of the public square, rather than to the center as many other basilicas and churches had pushed it to dare. The lateral absidiole as very it is looked at were initially semicircular in order to break off the linear vision of the church. Also the navata one centers them and the transetto they were anch' they modified covering them with a controsoffitto instead that of it originates them time to botte. The hand of Brunelleschi is revealed however in its more typical classicità: the navate ones scandite from columns in stone with capitelli corinzi that support it arches to all sixth from the typical grey frames in serene stone on the lime background white woman. Regarding the Basilica of San Lorenzo the inside in of Saint Spirito appears still airier and elegant, thanks to the cupola and transetto the more complex that is grafted in the extensions of the navata one. The light enters from the numerous windows, while the lateral nails head are ollowed without pause on all the perimeter of the church, turning also behind the altar. Given its numerous participations of progettuale modification, century was completed alone alla fine del XV in order then to endure ulterior modifications like added del the baroque canopy of Giovanni Cacchini and Gherardo Silvani (1599-1608), built up over the greater altar. Beautiful? perhaps. But the perspective vision of the navata one has altered in drastic way all the harmonic intentional proportions from the enclosed Brunelleschi centers them. The inner facade instead was realized from Knows you of Andrea (1483-87) and conserve still the quattrocentesca vetrata one with the Pentacost realized on design of the Perugino while it walls them external came only intonacate to the end of XVIII the century, when it came intonacato. The bell tower is of Baccio d' Agnolo of 1503.

The lateral altars of the navata one 
"the church possesses 38 lateral altars very, decorates a richest equipment to you of treasures and works of art. The Corbinelli nails head boast an altar of the Sacramento di Andrea Sansovino (1492), the Madonna in throne and know you of Cosimo Rosselli, the Saintest Trinità between the Maddalena and Santa Caterina of Alexandria and the Madonna in throne and know you of Donnino and Agnolo of the Mazziere. The new requirements of a devozionale, simple and clear painting, carried in XVI the century to new pittoriche commission for the shovels of some of these altars: they go back to this age the three Gloomy pictures of Pier Francisco (of 1537 Dispute and, Resurrezione Trasfigurazione 1545 of the Immaculate Conception of 1546)."

The transetto 
In the nails head of the transetto interesting paintings are received quattrocenteschi, between which the Madonna with Child and Saint Giovannino, Saint Martino and Santa Caterina to martire of Philippine Lippi, painted in 1493 for the Nerli Nail head, where are represent also the same committenti to you. The De Nail head Red of Bernardo Buontalenti and is decorated from marbles and sculptures. Behind the greater altar other altars are arranged, between which the martyrdoms of Ararat detach two Bay burlaps of Alexander very (diecimila and the Christ and adulterates it). In the skillful part they detach of burlaps of the beginning of the 500 (manierismo), as the "Santa.monica and the Agostiniane nuns" of Francisco Botticini (Bini-Capponi Nail head) and the "Madonna and still knows you" of Raffaellino of the Garbo and the "Madonna of the Calvary" of the Ceraiolo.

In an other nail head he is visible coretto settecentesco thanks to which Marquises Frescobaldi could participate to the liturgy from their contiguous private palace to the church without make themselves to see from the people.

The sacristy
In bottom to the left side it is approached the vestibolo, than conserve pregevole realized ceiling to cassettoni from Andrea Sansovino in 1491. The sacrestia adjacent to the vestibolo the "Report" has been begun from Giuliano from Sangallo in 1489 to octagonal plant came capacity to termione from Antonio of the said Pollaiolo. Conserve Bay the devozionale painting of Alexander, "Saint Fiacre" that reorganizes makes ill it (1596), a collegabile French saint to the committenza of Cristina di Lorena, consorte of Ferdinand de' the Doctors. Here the Crocifisso is found also, juvenile work of Michelangelo.

Michelangelo was accommodated in the convent of Saint Spirito in 1492 to 17 years, where, with the complicity of the priore, it had the possibility to scorticare corpses coming from from the hospital of the convent in order to study of the anatomy: just thanks to this experience that Michelangelo became unsurpassable in representing every the human body in its smaller detail.

Santo spirito, pianta
Credits Di inkub0 - Opera propria, Pubblico dominio,

Santo Spirito Navata Destra
Santo spirito, navata centrale
Credits Di Sailko - Opera propria, CC BY 2.5,

Santo spirito, altare maggiore
Credits Di I, Sailko, CC BY 2.5,


To visit St. Spirit cathedral and the museum, please visit the site. you can find rates, openings, and prices.

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