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The pool and garden

For the customers of the B & B and the Residence the use of the pool is FREE. For those in the restaurant a drink or a meal, at least 20 euros per adult, 8 for children under 12 years. The deckchairs, the chairs, the benches, the tables are free for all those to whom we guarantee access.

It seems absurd to say these things but it's really important:

  • Obligation to take a shower before entering the pool.
  • Long hair, tied at least with a rubber band.
  • You are in the garden there are about 200 varieties of different plants, you are really asked not to put in the mouth any part of plants, even small.
  • Non-adult people must be accompanied and supervised by their parents.
  • Our control is limited to the good use of the materials and facilities offered.
  • Keep a dignified behavior and remember that after you there is another customer.
  • Additional towels cost 4 euros each.

We suggest taking with you, the bestinsect repellent which suits your skin. You are in the countryside, there are many birds and beautiful to see too, you are in close contact with the wild nature. Remember that sometimes they do their needs during the flight.

If you are lucky, at night or early in the morning you can meet some roe deer, badger, pheasant, fox or wild boar in the garden or near the pool. Tend to only the latter are dangerous. Be quiet but be noticed, do not get too close and enjoy the emotion of the meeting.

Have a nice stay and fun.

For any other questions we remain at your disposal. Contact us without obligation WhatsapWeb - Mail.

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Tuscany Italy
Typical Chianti restaurant. Run by Casprini's since 1913
Open: Mon.-Sun. 09:00-21:30
Closed Wednesday
Currency accepted: Euro
Payments: Cash, credit card.


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