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Pics of the pool, rates and more

For customers of B & B and Residence of the use of the pool is GRATIS. For Restaurant customers even free over drink and eat, at least 22 Euros per adult, 8 for children under 12 years. The chairs, the deck chairs, benches and tables are free for all those who assure access. Which means that  passing bird and make poo, take a towel or ask for it, and clean. Often we do in spite of everything, but we are not your servants. Often we do in spite of everything, but we are not at your disposal 24/7
Not clear enough? All right. The cleaned deck with pillow costs 10.00 Euros, each towel, as well. The same thing goes for the service. Do you want ice cream, drink the sandwich directly on the lawn pool? List price, + 4,00 EUR per piece. In other words, you want a full service? Pay for the service.
Otherwise, do as all civilized people who appreciate the courtesy and work as a german lady who was giving us a hand bend the the old liner of the pool. Of course we refused, the effort is ours but we stop here. Let the place that you have used in the same way you found it. If you need assistance with anything, including help to fix your location, please call. Read the rules hung in duplicate to the steps required of the garden and pool and have fun because that is the purpose.

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