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Barberino Val D'Elsa - Map

Badia fiorentina, vista dall'alto
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The first historiography of the village dates back to 1054 in a document of the Ignano abbey. However, the development of the village dates back to the first decades of the 13th century, after the Florentines destroyed it in 1202.

In the following century Florence fortified it, placed a military garrison there, made it part of the Florentine Republic and there was a Potesteria. From 1313 it was the seat of the Vicariate. The village has the structure of the medieval walled village, still partially surrounded by walls and towers of the 13th century. Two doors, the Florentine and the Sienese ones joined by the ancient route of the via Francigena (Cassia), where the P.zzo Pretorio, the osp. of the pilgrims of T. di Cecco from in 1365, the church of S. Bartolommeo. Furthermore, inside the walls, houses-towers and narrow alleys, some covered make a visit to the country really special. Breathtaking panorama.


Churches to see:

* Parish of Sant'Appiano
* Church of San Bartolomeo a Barberino
* Church of Santo Stefano a Linari
* Church of San Ruffignano a Monsanto
* Church of San Martino a Pàstine
* Church of Sant'Andrea a Vico D'Elsa
* Chapel of San Michele a Semifonte
* Church of San Lorenzo a Vigliano
* Church of Santa Maria a Marcialla
* Church of San Pietro a Petrognano

All Chianti and Florentine Valdarno museums: Site

Badia fiorentina, vista dall'alto
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