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Colle val d'Elsa - Map

Colle Val'Elsa
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Two ancient villages on top of the hill: that of Santa Caterina and the Castle and as for the entire Etruscan Tuscany, also in Colle, there have been finds dating back to the fourth century. B.C. The first written documents date back to the 10th century AD but only at the end of sex XII did the country acquire a truly autonomous identity. From the early '300, there were the first water channels for mills and paper mills along the Elsa. Colle val d'Elsa, witnessed important wars for Tuscany like that of 1269 and 1479. In the sixteenth century, Colle changed face. The Usimbaldi family begins the conversion of paper mills into glassworks and then into glassworks. Today, 15% of the world's crystal comes from Colle and is 95% of the Italian one. Colle alto is really an architectural gem.

Churches to See:

* Cathedral of Colle di Val d'Elsa
* Church of Santa Maria in Canonica
* Church of San Pietro
* Church of Sant'Agostino
* Church of Santa Caterina
* Church of Fabbricciano
* Church of San Biagio
* Convent of San Francesco
* Sanctuary of Santa Maria delle Grazie
* Abbey of Santa Maria Assunta in Conèo
* Church of Santa Maria Assunta in Spugna
* Sanctuary of the Beata Vergine del Renaio
* Pieve dei Santi Ippolito and Cassiano in Conèo
* Church of San Marziale
* Church of San Bartolomeo in Campiglia

Important civil buildings

# House-Tower of Arnolfo di Cambio (see also tower of Arnolfo, old palace)
# Palazzo Pretorio
# Palazzo Campana
# Palazzo del Comune or dei Priori

All Chianti and Florentine Valdarno museums: Site

Colle Val'Elsa
Credits Link pic
Autore: GIOVANNI VOLPATO Licenza: CC BY 2.0

Colle Val'Elsa
Credits Link pic
Autore: GIOVANNI VOLPATO Licenza: CC BY 2.0

Colle Val'Elsa
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Autore: Anthony G. Reyes Licenza: CC BY-ND 2.0

Colle Val'Elsa
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