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Poggibonsi - Map

Poggibonsi, fontana delle fate
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Autore: Marco Assini Licenza: CC BY-SA 2.0

Podium Marturi and its castle was the regenerating nucleus of the current Poggibonsi. On the Via Francigena and a few km from San Gimignano, Florentine sympathizer, it was attacked in 1115 and destroyed. The Counts Guidi, in 1155 rebuilt the castle on the Podium Bonizi, starting a little with Siena and a little with Florence. In 1203 it was the mayor of Poggiobonizio who issued the sentence on the borders between Florence and Siena. Alterne the events that forced the city to build and demolish fortifications. In 1267 the Guelfi returned to Florence, in 1269, after the defeat Ghibellina di Colle, was again targeted. The Medici then built the fortress of Poggio Imperiale, guaranteeing its security, but the area never took off until modern times. Poggibonsi is today a flourishing merchant town. To be seen.

The fortress, the excavation and the museum. For more details, consult the site, apparently only in Italian.

The Franciscan church of San Lucchese; the Romanesque churches of Cedda, Talciona, Papaiano and the spice of the Magione (church of the Templars), the castle of strozzavolpe.

Churches to See:

* Church of San Giovanni in Jerusalem at the Magione
* Church of Sant'Andrea a Papaiano
* Church of San Lorenzo
* Collegiate Church of Santa Maria Assunta
* Sanctuary of Santa Maria al Romituzzo
* Convent of San Lucchese
* Church of Santa Maria Assunta in Staggia
* Church of Santa Maria a Talciona
* Church of San Giuseppe
* Church of Santo Spirito
* Church of San Pietro a Cedda
* Parish of Santa Maria Maddalena Castiglioni Alto

All Chianti and Florentine Valdarno museums: Site

Poggibonsi, la fortezza
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Autore: Michela Simoncini Licenza: CC BY 2.0

Staggia Senese, la rocca
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Autore: Marco Assini Licenza: CC BY-SA 2.0

Staggia Senese, la rocca
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Autore: Di LigaDue - Opera propria, CC BY 3.0,


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