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Radda in Chianti - Map

Radda in Chianti
Credits: Luca Casprini

The territory of Radda in Chianti is located on the hills at the meeting point between the valley of the river Pesa and Arbia, in the heart of the Sienese Chianti. It was the capital of the Lega di Chianti and the seat of the Podestà.

Today the ancient Clio di Radda encloses within the circle of its walls the old medieval village, remained intact, where you can still admire the Palazzo del Podestà of the '400 with inside a beautiful fifteenth-century fresco of the Florentine school. The external emblems of the palace are very interessing, dating from the 15th to the 18th century. Also noteworthy is the Church of San Niccolò, the Piazzetta del Clio, the medium walkway, the Grand Ducal Glacier, the promenade of the walls, the Church of S.M. in Prato (ex-Capuchin convent) in restoration with a museum of Sacred Art of Chianti. Worth noting is the Romanesque church of Santa Maria Novella dating back to the 16th century. XI and the Castle of Volpaia, today a precious rural village.


What to see

* Propositura di San Niccolò
Over the centuries it undergoned various transformations to change the originally Romanesque look. The facade was completed in 1930 only in the late eclectic style

* Parish of Santa Maria Novella
It undergoned substantial renovation included the addition of the two lateral apses.

* Church of Santa Maria in Colle a Badiola

* Church of Santa Maria in Prato
Founded in the eleventh century, was later finally became oratory and a Capuchin convent.

* Commenda di Sant'Eufrosino a Volpaia
To see, especially because it is situated in the castle.

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Radda in Chianti
Credits Luca Casprini
Radda in Chianti
Credits Link pic
Autore: Finizio Licenza: CC BY-ND 2.0

Radda in Chianti
Credits Link pic
Autore: Graeme Maclean Licenza: CC BY 2.0

Radda in Chianti
Credits: Luca Casprini


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